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Open and Spacious Office Design in New Delhi

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Moderne Bürogebäude von Tanish Dzignz Modern
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This modern and trendy office looks exceptional. The office design is stunning, warm and cosy even though it is a commercial space spread over 25,000 sq ft. It took the interior designers and decorators of Tanish DzignzNew Delhi a year to complete. The emphasis is on highlighting the beauty of the architecture. By using natural shapes and spaces, the designers have created a modern and one-of-a-kind office. Additionally, they have chosen to use natural light to enhance the appearance and functionality of the office.

Gorgeous waiting area

The lovely waiting area in the office looks attractive. It features massive pillars that support the expansive space. Using deep and earthy tones, the designers have kept the colour palette neutral yet elegant.  The glossy floor accentuates the beauty of this area.

Perfect Accents

The seating chosen for the space is smart and modern. The circular sofas provide comfortable seats while looking stylish. The room in the far corner stands out due to the use of a rich and vibrant coat of yellow paint that starkly contrasts the rustic tones around the area.

Stylish and Elegant

The gorgeous veins of marble never fail to impress. Whether one chooses a ply panel with a faux marble effect or opts for the natural stone, installing it in the lobby creates a classy and luxurious look. The all-white colour palette in the lobby is complemented by metal grips and rails, which enhances the stylish and premium look that the designers were aiming to achieve.

Classic and sophisticated

The lobby area is perfect, featuring a desk along with a well-designed seating area. The soft and light-coloured sofa works well with the neutral palette. The floor carries the same shades of grey and white, thereby pulling the look together.

Green wall

Here, we see an excellent idea for making the stairwell attractive. The green wall is beautiful and easy to maintain as well. The light and dark plants within the wall create the perfect contrasts besides adding texture.

Wonderful accents

The seating or lounge areas have been designed to perfection. The simple yet comfortable single-seaters stand out, thanks to the neon shades used for their upholstery. The space dividers double up as bookshelves or storage racks. The cute cubby holes can be used to showcase collectables or books making for an impressive display.

Modern design

Looking at the seating area here, we can see how the designers have worked with modern shapes and designs to create an eye-catching look. The centre table and seats can be used while waiting for meetings. It can also work as a breakout area where colleagues gather around and unwind by playing board games. The bright colours infuse a vibrant and youthful look in the space.

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