Stylish and Simple One-Bedroom Apartment Interiors in Mumbai

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Stylish and Simple One-Bedroom Apartment Interiors in Mumbai

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Small homes can be a delight to design. This home, for example, is small, but it features everything that a modern family needs. The interior designers and decorators of Axle Interior have worked with the existing architecture to accentuate the beauty of space. Using exceptional but straightforward design elements, they have managed to make the apartment home look incredible, exciting and functional. Among the most impressive things about the home is the use of a single colour throughout. It brings fluidity to the interiors.

Marvellous Living Room

The living room features a simple and stylish yet comfortable sectional sofa, which looks rich and luxurious. The tan colour of the sofa is attractive amidst the soft brown texture of the walls and the ceiling. The beams of wood in the ceiling give the room a warm and welcoming feel. The large window has been designed to bring a sense of openness. A chandelier fan adds elegance and functionality to the design.

Clean Lines

The buffet counter has been designed stylishly to suit the needs of the homeowner. The soft brown colour gives a warm look to the area. The black countertop creates the perfect contrast to the rustic brown shade. The cabinets have been built without handles, bringing a sleek and stylish finish to the design.

Modern Kitchen Design

The kitchen design is modern and sleek. The same soft brown repeats in the area. The black counter-top features a hob and a sink on the same side. The cabinets above the counter feature cubby holes that can be used effectively to showcase crockery. The drawers and the cabinets below the counter provide storage for all the cookware and kitchen items. Using a white colour ply for the loft cupboards is a smart choice as they offer additional storage without making the space look cramped.

Breezy Bedroom

Simple and modest designs work best when working with smaller spaces. Often, by making the designs elaborate, rooms can look cramped and oppressive. The floor-to-ceiling wardrobes offer space and convenience in small homes, and here, they have been given a clean and sleek look. The TV has been mounted on the wall, and a floating ledge below it works perfectly well as a storage and display unit.

Clever Spaces

The panel behind the headboard of the bed stretches across the ceiling. It works well to unify the design in the room. The corkboard-like finish of the wardrobe along with the simple style gives this bedroom an almost Scandinavian look. The lighting is smart, minimalist and exceptional. The large window makes the room airy and bright.

Sleek Bathroom

The bathroom is simple yet modern. The wood panels on the wall and the floor bring warmth and cohesiveness to the design. The contemporary fixtures enhance the stylishness of the room.

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