Creative Interior Design Ideas in a New Delhi Home

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Creative Interior Design Ideas in a New Delhi Home

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Moderne Wohnzimmer von PlanHomes Modern
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Every homeowner wants his or her residence to stand out and look and feel special. The best way to achieve it without spending a lot of money is by using creativity. This New Delhi home is an excellent example of how innovative interior design ideas that combine trendy furniture with beautiful décor accents can create a look that visitors won’t forget in a hurry. The interior architects at PLANHOMES have used beautiful artworks, unique panels and stunning wallpapers in the right places to create a lasting impression. Let’s take a tour to get more ideas.

Charming living space

Moderne Wohnzimmer von PlanHomes Modern

The Asian style living room appeals to the senses with a couple of elegant armchairs with floral upholstery drawing attention. The subtle vintage touch makes the room feel special. The mustard yellow screen inspired by Japanese art is stunning, and it creates the perfect backdrop for the armchairs. Don’t miss the low coffee table in a solid black hue, which helps to pull together the look of the room.

Cosy seating

Moderne Wohnzimmer von PlanHomes Modern

A cream L-shaped sectional sofa upholstered in plush velvet offers comfortable seating in the living space. Cosy cushions further enhance the lavish feel of the seating arrangement. The lighting in the room is bright without being overly harsh or jarring.

Minimalist den

Moderner Multimedia-Raum von PlanHomes Modern

The family can enjoy movies or even quiet conversations in the simple yet elegant room. An L-shaped sofa in midnight blue provides relaxing and luxurious seating,  and its colour nicely contrasts the cream environment. The lattice-like partition is a stylish touch and lends a hint of privacy to the area.

Artistic and fresh

Moderne Wohnzimmer von PlanHomes Modern

A large piece of abstract art brings much pizzazz to the casual living space. The sofas, walls and the floor soothe the eyes with their colour palette of white and cream. The coffee table is a bold contrast and provides storage too. The leaf green drapes and floral printed screens create visual interest that helps to boost the stylishness of the room.

Colour burst in the bedroom

Moderne Schlafzimmer von PlanHomes Modern

The trendy bedroom is a riot of colours, thanks to the vibrant wallpaper on the background wall and the blue and green bed linen. Chic wooden furniture, ample lighting and neat shelves on the wall complete the cosy ambience. The shelves are perfect for storing books or displaying knickknacks, thereby keeping the room clutter-free.

For more ideas on using multiple colours in the home, get ideas from the Colourful and unique bungalow interiors in Bhuj Gujarat.

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