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What is a home if it does not reflect its maker? Interiors of your abode speak volumes about you, your personality and your dreams. So if you are bored with your existing home decor, it’s time for you to give it a stunning facelift. Notice how every time you go on a lavish vacation, the hotel’s ambiance seems to charm you instantly? The good news is, this aura can be replicated in your home too, with a few tweaks and tricks!

Here is a look at the hotels which are architectural and interior marvels, and have been rendered by celebrated designers. These A-list places stand out for their uniqueness in terms of design, and are perfect to seek inspiration from. So, choose the one that suits your style and aspirations for your home décor:

L.A luxury: The Beverly Hills Hotel

Sensational colours mixed with super stylish décor; The Beverly Hills Hotel in LA is a Mecca for home décor enthusiasts who love luxury and contemporary designs. The luxurious airy hotel building entertains a lot of natural light, and oozes a sense of stately opulence as soon as you step in. Spacious rooms allow magnificent views and are a store house for everything designer. Modern contemporary furniture complements the luxurious setting in a very made-for each other kind of fashion.

So to style your home in a similar manner, go for plush, avant-garde furnishing, mix and match bold and subtle colours, let in sunshine if you have large windows, or pick modish mirrors for a spacious feeling.

Refined and elegant: Claridge’s in London

Частный дом, 450 м2, Анапа, De Steil De Steil Klassische Wohnzimmer

Satiate your inner art enthusiast by considering Claridge’s of London as the muse for your home décor interiors. Contributed to by many famous architects and designers, the hotel continues to display an eclectic cocktail of design styles which have been beautifully blended in its interiors. Adorned with massive vintage oil paintings, colonial style furniture, breathtaking chandeliers, patterned flooring, and a variety of opulent touches, the hotel interiors are a connoisseur’s refuge from the world outside.

If you happen to be a lover of drama, glamour and style, this is the place which can fuel your creativity. Go for rich, old school furniture, stylish chandeliers, and beautiful artworks to recreate the hotel’s magic.

Rock and roll: Hotel Chelsea in New York

Go retro chic by adopting the eclectic style designs that set the Chelsea in New York ablaze. This multi-storeyed red building transports you to the New York of 60’s, tilting towards a modern vintage era. With a lot of colour play on various floors and an abundance of artworks from various celebrated artists, the hotel is replete with creativity. Lace your staircase with a black metal grill to match the kind used at Chelsea, to forge similarity of aesthetics. Paper Mache is another highlight of the creative décor at Hotel Chelsea that can be incorporated in your home too.

So go gutsy with colour play and deck the walls with everything you love, to create a true artist’s abode just like the Chelsea. Or get a cue from this retro inspired living room designed by Marchettibonetti+, architects from Florianopolis. You cannot miss the brilliant sofa which is the focal point of the room.

All-out modern opulence: Jumeirah in Dubai

Take lessons in all things luxurious from the majestically modern Mediterranean hotel interiors of Jumeirah in Dubai. It makes eyes pop with its clean lines and rich approach. A whole host of of browns and beiges blend and part ways in the carefully decked hallways of this hotel, and take you to spacious rooms that exude luxury. Interiors here are enhanced with skilful wood work and the presence of indoor greenery. This Arab-Euro fusion of design has given birth to a modern take on traditional Arabian styled interiors in this hotel.

If ‘rich’ is the word you are looking for inspiration for your home décor, Jumeriah is most certainly the place to find it. For ideas, check out the contemporary and lavish living area shown above. It flaunts deeply veined marble flooring, fresh flowers, opulent yet sleek furniture, interesting lighting, and gorgeous artefacts for a breathtaking appeal.

Gallic nonchalant cool: The Ritz in Paris

Saray, Mozza dİzayn Mozza dİzayn Klassische Schlafzimmer Betten und Kopfteile

A chapter straight out of the books of French aristocracy; the Ritz hotel in Paris is the definition of luxury. The opulent interiors of the hotel have a fantasy-like veneer, which can be recreated in your sweet home by infusing it with brocade tapestries decorating the walls and chandeliers gracing the ceilings. Indulge the interiors of your home with wooden furniture in classic designing, upholstery done in fine quality velvet, silk and brocade. Ritz in Paris offers you inspiration to relish a distinct royal old world charm with its sprawling courtyards, lawns laced with statues and fountains amidst greenery, lounges and other stunning nooks and crannies.

Quench your thirst for everything magnificent and royal by doing up your interiors after this prestigious hotel in Paris. Feel like a king always!

Party animal: The Copacabana Palace in Brazil

Plush Colours, ZERO9 ZERO9 Moderne Esszimmer

As a perfect blend of timeless architecture and modern day interiors, Brazil’s Copacabana Palace might be just the inspiration high you need to redo your home décor. The spacious palace has a curious vibe about it with its light toned interiors, which carry a legacy within them. The hotel is famous for its airy structure that lets in a lot of natural air and light that give it its inherent pleasant vibe. High ceilings, structured arches, and a clean allure all spell its old world elegance in a modern way. Always elegant; the palace has been decorated with intricate upholstery, antique show pieces and loads of plants that breathe splendour into its ambience.

Offering a unique mix of both the worlds; this precious palace is a celebration of ‘fusion’ between modern and traditional. Pick this one if you prefer the best of both. Also feel free to take a hint from this magically lighted dining area with its artistically mirrored wall, smart furniture and chic lines – the perfect space to get together with friends and have a blast!

Minimal and fuss-free: Hours Capsule Hotel in Kyoto

For a small apartment, take some inspiration from The Hours Capsule Hotel in Kyoto with its minimal-mess approach in terms of interior design. The hotel can be the perfect idol as it hits a perfect balance between functionality and style. Done in simple black and white hues, the interiors here are a treat to the eyes. Futuristic interiors, monochrome décor, and cleverly used iconography all provide it with a contemporary zest which is unique in itself.  Immaculate white interiors provide a sense of serenity. Another highlight of the hotel is their sleeping capsules which use innovative sleeping technology. These sleeping pods induce sleep by modulating lighting and are designed for superior comfort.

If you are the kind of person who has a clutter –free approach towards things and are charmed by the divinity of all things sci-fi; this hotel’s aesthetics is for you to replicate in your home interior design. Obtain motivation from this stunning yet sparsely furnished living area. Grey walls and a black rug balance the predominance of white in this room. A couple of yellow cushions and green wall decor play their roles to perfection too.  

So from elaborate and intricate to clean and simple, your décor can follow any style you choose with élan. Decide which iconic hotel caught your eye the most, and soak in the beautiful home decor ideas it inspired. Take a look at another ideabook for more tips and tricks - Bring some rural charm into your modern city home.

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