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Elegant Interior Design for a Gorgeous Home in New Delhi | homify

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Elegant Interior Design for a Gorgeous Home in New Delhi

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modern  von Orizzonte Interiors Private Limited, Modern
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One of the best things about designing a home is the chance to create a unique look that reflects one’s style. Therefore, most of the time, interior design is based on the client’s preferences and choices. This home displays a beautiful combination of colour and style. The interior designers and decorators of Orizzonte Interiors Private Ltd have put together a distinctive and modern look for the home. Every small detail has been taken care of to make the house look comfortable and inviting.

Gorgeous Colours

Every element in a room contributes to the overall look and feel of the space. Here, the colours make their presence felt. Velvet gold is not something that is used often, but it has been combined beautifully with bright blue to create a stunning effect. The false ceiling is simple and goes well with the theme. The wood accents complement the bold tones to create harmony in the design. 

Modern Finish

The style of the sofas has been kept simple, but the vibrant colours of the furnishings make up for it by drawing attention. The circular centre table is unique and works well in the layout. The large TV has been mounted on the wall. The TV unit features straight lines and complements the vibrant colours in the room. The fabric window blind has a gold motif that goes well with the overall design. 

Superb Wood Accents

The designers have used wood wall panels to create a beautiful backsplash in the room. The panels are broken up with strips of yellow laminate that provide relief, preventing the wood from overpowering the space. A room separator in the living room features wood as well. It has been combined with white to give it a modern touch. The patterned cushions on the sofa serve as the perfect accent in the bright and colourful home. 

Interesting Bar Area

The bar area looks stunning! A slim table in bright yellow sits against the wall. The lovely red barstools perfectly contrast the yellow. The table is bathed in light from the illuminated background panel as well as from under the overhead cabinets, making it attractive and stylish.

Charming Bedroom

Here, we see a lovely bedroom. The deep brown colour has been elegantly combined with patterns to soften the starkness of the modern look. The grey sofa that sits at the foot of the bed is a charming addition. The headboard cum background wall features floral patterns that brighten the room while adding a unique touch to the bedroom.

Calm Blue Bedroom

This is a lovely and inviting design for a bedroom. Blue is an excellent colour for relaxing spaces. It tends to give the area a calm and soothing feel. The designers have combined the blue with white to provide contrast. The wall behind the bed features lines in an abstract pattern. The grey works well with the other colours used in the room. 

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