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Town Houses Zibatá, Tectónico Tectónico Minimalistische Häuser
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This is one home which will be difficult to forget. Architects TECTÓNICO from Querétaro in Mexico are known for their radically modern cubist architecture that encompasses practicality and comfort in the most resourceful manner. Their recent project, the Town House at Zibata, showcases all this and more. Created for a purely residential community, these townhouses promise functionality and a uber-modern lifestyle. These houses combine the best of all worlds – comfort, practicality, generous space and considerate designing. What more could one ask for, live in the centre of a town, and yet have a private house! Let’s take a tour of these Town Houses and see what magic has been weaved into those geometric buildings.

Geometric crispness – the facade

Town Houses Zibatá, Tectónico Tectónico Minimalistische Häuser

We absolutely love the facade design of this project – a brilliant combination of red natural brick look and glass. Set three in a row, parallel to each other, the Town Houses sit sturdy in a green surrounding. All the houses face the street, each with generous space in the front for parking your car or playing a casual game throw- ball with your kids. The façade shows a part glass-part brick structure, at two levels, with large windows out front. The entrance to the house is set in a small lane to the side of the main structure. Sun, space and privacy is what these houses look to give its occupants.

Chic and casual – the living room

Town Houses Zibatá, Tectónico Tectónico Minimalistische Wohnzimmer

The living room at the Town House is a cool hangout for the family. On one side of the expansive area is set to be the living space.  A brick wall of the façade provides a momentary partition to the kitchen area. The palette of colours used here is white, with touches of grey, giving the room a casual atmosphere while the muti-coloured brick wall gives a perky design effect. The glass frontage and the open setting of the room ensure brilliant natural light into the house. Comfy sofa’s and contemporary art on the walls complete the chic look of the living room.

Welcomingly rustic – the kitchen

Town Houses Zibatá, Tectónico Tectónico Minimalistische Esszimmer

As you walk through the living room, the cheery kitchen space opens out. This side of the brick wall gives a touch of colour to the kitchen, the brick treatment is continued over the kitchen counters too. The kitchen is a practical space; comfortable counters, with plenty of storage options beneath, adequate lighting both over the counter and the tables. A solid six-seater wooden table only adds to the rustic warmth of the space. The open kitchen concept in the Town House is a delightful one, perfect for the cozy family dinner or a private party.

The bedroom

Town Houses Zibatá, Tectónico Tectónico Minimalistische Schlafzimmer

Set on the upper level of the town house, the bedroom brings out the feeling of openness and space, like the rest of the house. Two large windows usher in the sun and air, while giving in to a view of greenery. Practicality has not been ignored either with large cupboards and the comfortable lounge chair.

Terrace Garden

Town Houses Zibatá, Tectónico Tectónico Minimalistischer Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse

Open to the skies, the town house’s terrace gardens are the best part of the house for those who love the open. And that the feature we loved the most. Thoughtfully designed, counters in the shade, and table in the sun, the terrace is a space for everyone. Lounge around with a book or listen to some music as the breeze brushes your hair. The terrace has been secluded from the street front and offers privacy. Your own exclusive sunset, everyday, is what the terrace means!

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