How to Organise My Bookcase So It Look Fab as well as Functional?

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It is the twenty first century and technology is going forward in leaps and bounds. Every day we are discovering better ways to do things and inventing new items that help us do them. It is now possible to have thousands of songs at our fingertips at any moment.  We can also have an entire library on a single device in our handbag. Does this mean that the humble book no longer has a place in our lives? Books have been a part of our lives and an integral part of our homes for centuries. They not only serve the functional purpose of providing knowledge, but can be important in achieving the design in a room. The design of a bookcase can set the tone of an entire room, so it is important that it is done correctly. homify has investigated some of the best bookcase designs and have found the most helpful tips when designing your bookcase shelves.

How to Make your Bookshelf into a Design Feature!

The bookcase is often situated in a prime position in a room; on a wall facing the entrance, or on a prominent side wall. This can often make it one of the first things people notice when they enter the room. For this reason it is important that you consider how it is presented. A well designed and presented bookcase can be a design feature in a room. First consider the size of the bookcase in relation to the room. A bookcase that is too large will appear out of place in the room, a bookcase that is too small will disappear into the background. Next consider the style. There are so many different styles when it comes to bookcases; the modern sleek black or white laminate finishes, or the more traditional Oak or Maple timbers. This choice can really set the design style for the entire room. This bookcase is an original and unique design that is integrated into the staircase and looks extremely nice.

Colour Co-ordinate Books

There are so many ways that you can logically arrange the books in your bookcase; alphabetical order, height order or according to subject. The order will depend on your own personal taste. For people who are looking for a particular atmosphere in a room, arranging their bookcase according to colour may be the preferred option. By arranging your books in relation to their colour can create harmony and a lack of conflict in the bookcase and the room. It is also something that can be done very quickly and very easily. Consider arranging books by colour in the order of the rainbow so that each colour blends into the next colour seamlessly. When you have arranged the books according to colour, consider then arranging them in relation to height; within each colour group, ensure that the tallest book is in the middle. This creates a wonderful even form across the entire rainbow.

Stack Books in Unexpected Ways

When it comes to arranging your bookcase, there are so many options available to you. It can often depend on your own personal tastes, and the items that you wish to include on your bookshelf. For many people it is only books that will be in their bookcase. This makes the design very simple. Depending on how they use the books; for reading, for reference or just for decoration, this will be how they will be arranged; according to author, title or colour. You may also want to arrange them according to subject. To distinguish between subjects why not do something different and stack books in different ways; horizontally as well as vertically. This will not only make it easy to find certain books, but will create a more interesting design within the bookcase.

Trinkets and Ornaments

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For some of us, the most important part of the bookcase is the design. It is about arranging not only the books, but including also little objects that have specific meaning to our lives. This may be a toy from our childhood, a shell we picked up from a beach or a souvenir from Paris. It can be tempting to include all of these small trinkets in our bookcase. This can be a bit overwhelming in the design. To create a more balanced design, choose your trinkets and ornaments carefully. Try to place them thoughtfully in a bookcase. You are aiming to get the attention of the guests that are observant and who look carefully.  To create an area of interest, try using random items as bookends such as a vintage machines such as an old iron or an old clock.

Cover the Back of the Bookshelf in Wallpaper

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A bookcase can often be lacking in colour. This can create a dull corner in any room. To create a more colourful look in your room consider bringing more colour into your bookcase by including wallpaper to the back of the shelf. Choose the wallpaper according the style of the room. A modern, minimalist room may suit a geometric pattern wallpaper, whilst a traditional colonial home may look better with a more intricate patterned, colourful wallpaper. Consider also other ways of bringing a bit of colour into your bookcase with paint or a long mirror. These can really bring a new lease of life to any bookcase and any room design.

Try and Aim for Symmetry

When you have considered how you want to best design and arrange your bookcase, it is now time to carry out this plan. Arrange the books, trinkets and ornaments according to the styles mentioned above. This is not only a satisfying way to organise your belongings, but is a great way of expressing yourself in the design. The final consideration to make is the symmetry. Be sure that there is an equal balance between items on every shelf and on each side. Be sure that one side does not have all the books and none of the ornaments. Ensure that the books are equally distributed amongst all of the shelves and on both sides of the bookcase. This will give the shelf symmetry and create a sense of peace and order in the space. This design is by Frigerio Paolo & Co.

For some a bookcase is merely the place where books are kept. For others a bookcase is an important design item that can dictate the style of the entire room. There are so many styles of bookcase and equally just as many ways of decorating a bookcase. You may have a bookcase that contains only books, or some books and some personal items, or you may have no books at all. To create a bookcase design that will suit your purpose there are several considerations you must make; how can you make the bookcase your design feature? How will you arrange the books? According to colour? Size? Style? Will you include other items? Will you have symmetry? These are just a few things to consider when designing your bookcase. For more inspiration see 5 Stunning Bookcase Designs.

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