Here's how to add a personal touch to your home décor

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Is your room décor looking too cold? Do you want to drive away the gloom and make your home look bright and inviting? And do you want to do all this without burning a massive hole in your pocket? Well then you have reached the right place. There's plenty of inspiration on homify to make your home a more cheerful place. But if you are looking for ways to add a more personal touch to your home while making it lively, these 6 tips in particular are tailor made for you. So stop wondering and add a personal touch to your home décor with these 6 simple tips!

Paint the walls and windows

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Painting a room or house immediately transforms it from drab to fab, specially if you paint it in vibrant colours like the colours in this home here. But painting one's home from outside or inside is an expensive affair. So settle for the next best thing, paint the doors and windows! Painting the windows a bright colour like teal from within will work well if you have neutral, white or cream walls indoors. You can also paint a border around the doors and windows of your home to make them look more striking.

Nice curtains and drapes

Another simple and budget friendly way of giving your home a makeover is to dress your windows and maybe even doors, with new fabric. Opt for nice new curtains or drapes in shades that you like best, or one's which match with the existing furniture, like the shaded green curtain here which blends in perfectly with the gradient green shades of the sofa. You can also opt for floral printed roller shades like these, if you want to drape your windows with beauty and convenience.

Add a bright rug

If colourful and printed curtains make the windows look happier, a bright gives the flooring a cheerful vibe. A multicoloured geometrically patterned rug like the one here is perfect for any room of your home if it's done up in subtle colours. You can match a bold rug like this with colourful cushions on a sofa or bed, or just let it shine by itself. You can lend your home a more ethnic Indian feel by going for a paisley woolen rug like this one curated by KASHMIR MODERNART GALLERY.

Change the light fittings

Lighting makes a huge difference in any room. Sedentary, boring, white light fittings are one of the biggest reasons why a room looks dull and lacklustre in modern homes. So ditch those boring white bulbs or tubelight fittings, and opt for some interesting light fittings like the ring shaped LED lights here, or even a standing lamp with yellow light fittings in it, and give your home a whole new glow that also reflects your style!

Colourful pottery

While you are adding a personal touch to all the rooms, why leave the kitchen behind? Buy some colourful pottery for your kitchen and give it a new lease of life! Have your morning coffee in a mug that flaunts your taste like the one's here designed by BLUE DOT POTTERY LTD, or serve dinner in rustic colourful bowls and make dining at home a polished restaurant like affair. From a solid colour milk jug, to a ceramic serving plate with elaborate designs on it, you can find very interesting things on homify, and within your budget!

Family photos

Nothing is as personal as family photos. So frame some cherished moments – be it your daughter playing in a cute pink teddy frame like the one here, or pictures of your parents wedding in stately black frames, or even a picture of you and your partner in a rustic wooden frame; and place these on side tables, shelves or simply hang them, so that they can tell your story. If you are wondering how to display your photos at home in a more fun way, here are 6 cool ideas!

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