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A Stylish City Apartment in a Historical Setting

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As a thriving city Lisbon is well known across the globe. The capital of Portugal is not only an economically prosperous city, but also a hub of art, culture and history. Its historic cityscape is replete with a number of ancient edifices dating back to the pre-Roman era. You can explore the remains of Phoenician monuments from 8th century BC or spend an entertaining evening in the historical surroundings of Bairro Alto. 

On the other hand, you can take a stroll under the shades of São Jorge Castle’s massive walls or spend restful time on any of the numerous beaches. Lisbon’s vista is full of architectural marvels. If you take time out to walk down the sinuous yet colourful streets of Alfama, the oldest part of the city, you are bound to notice centuries old history still in the making. And, how could that be possible?

Being the most populous city of Portugal, there is a high demand for budget homes here. Instead of demolishing the traditional structures, many of the city’s old buildings are being renovated to house swank apartments or town houses. Today’s apartment is one that successfully blends past with the present. Let's step inside this charming apartment in the heart of Lisbon.

Overview of the project

The renovation and remodelling work of Apartamento ao Camões were completed by Alberto Caetano and his team of designers. As an architect, Alberto Caetano boasts an experience spanning more than three decades. 

Being born and brought up here, he has the advantage of knowing the city from his childhood. His knowledge of the city’s old architectural grandeur and awareness about the changing tastes of modern time helped in renovating this apartment in style.

It is decked out minimally. Large windows inundate the space with natural light, and all-white walls and ceilings bounce it off to many directions. Wood flooring is a prominent feature of this apartment. It augments the genial nature of the interior. Stylish chairs upholstered in olive green fabric, a cosy black sofa and simple coffee table occupy the focal point. A small library is set up behind the living room.

Loft space and bedroom

Like many traditional buildings of the region, Apartamento ao Camões has a generous ceiling height. Here we can see that the architect has fully exploited this structural advantage. 

A study is set up in the loft and the space underneath has been dedicated to a bedroom. Except for elaborate storage, bookshelves and a simple bed, the room is completely devoid of any kind of clutter. Only a framed contemporary painting decorates one of its walls.

Storage units

The entire apartment has extensive arrangement for storage. Massive floor to ceiling wardrobes and storage units can be seen in the bedrooms, corridor and kitchen/dining space. Their simple and elegant façade helps to create a neat and tidy interior. 

A glimpse of the master bedroom can be seen from this image. It is small and minimally decorated. Wood clad flooring and storage give it a cheerful feel.


The fuss-free interior is a stellar example of a charmingly decorated small kitchen. The kitchen counter is set up against one of the walls. The rest of the space is dedicated to elaborate cabinets and storage spaces. Instead of a kitchen island, a rustic table accompanied by a set of mismatching dining chairs occupy the middle area. 

Except for a pendant lighting above the kitchen worktop, ceiling mounted task lighting brightens up the interior. Curious sculptures on the table add an element of whimsy.

Dining area

The dining area inhabits the same space as the kitchen, and is decorated with a rustic dining set. Those willing to add a few rustic elements to the interior of their urban apartments can take a cue from this dining room. 

The other important and imposing feature of this dining space is a prominent cabinet-cum-bookshelf, with ample storage for an entire family's needs.


The narrow shower area is decorated with all-black mosaic tiles. Extremely narrow windows strive hard to brighten up the interior. Thankfully, the high ceiling height comes in aid. 

Despite the lack of space, it does not look stifling at all. Glass wall panels separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom.


Apartamento ao Camões’ elegant stairway deserves a special mention. It is here that the history of the building exposes itself. The skirting and dado are embellished with intricately designed tiles. The original railing and texture of the staircases are preserved to give it a graceful look. It is the perfect blend of modern and old-world chic.

If you want to decorate your stairway in style do not forget to check some of our ideas here.

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