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Seven easy ways to refresh your home this weekend!

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Weekdays go by like a whirlwind, don’t they? Your job, the kids’ homework, grocery shopping, cooking – all of this takes up so much of your time, that you are simply left without any energy or motivation to jazz up your home. Interior decor and aesthetics take a backseat completely, until the weekend knocks on your door.

So why not make an extra effort to revitalize and perk up your home this weekend? The vision of a tastefully decked and refurbished home can fill the dwellers with cheerfulness and hope. A home makeover project can really improve your lifestyle, too. But a full-fledged makeover usually costs quite a bit of your hard earned money, so what else can be done? Luckily, this issue can be resolved by indulging in DIY home improvement projects, which can beautify your home and still not burn a hole in your pocket. Even minor improvements can turn a home into a delightful sanctuary.

Now, DIY home projects are less costly because of the labour cost. When things are handled and created by the home owner himself or herself, a good quality piece of work can be accomplished at a significantly lesser price, and you will be able to put together things which you actually need. And who can better understand your wishes, than you yourself? Completing a DIY project also gives the most satisfying feelings anyone can have, and fuels your creativity. So here are some DIY ideas for the weekend which will infuse your abode with visual appeal and wow your guests effortlessly.

Mood lighting

The home entrance can be made very inviting by adding some fluorescent lights. Illuminate the entrance with a bright front-door colour and a touch of landscaping. Add a welcome mat and potted plants near the entrance. Put dimmers to the lights in every room, which will add drama and will help you to create the mood you want easily. 

The best way to set a relaxed mood is to make some changes in the home lighting system, and the easiest way to do that is by using light dimmers. Once the lights are lowered, the home environment becomes softer and comfortable which induces relaxation and a reduction of stress. Take a clue from this gorgeous bedroom illuminated by Soled Projekty I Dekoracje Swietlne Jacek Solka, lighting designers from Bialystok.

A creative touch

Attractive wallpapers can lend a refreshing change to a room. The wallpaper is like a giant sticker. It will help in concealing all kinds of wall blemishes, hairline cracks and can even patch up holes. 

If wallpapering seems too much of a hassle, go for decals which are easier to peel and apply. The ceiling can be given a little eye candy appeal by adding some visual effect. Highlight the ceiling with colourful and artistic paint that matches the colours of your wall feature.

Get a handle on things – Update handles and knobs with new versions or flea market finds

Ordinary looking doors and windows can be beautified by just changing their handles and knobs. Update these interior elements with artistic and unique versions. 

Attractive handles and knobs can be procured from any famous flea market or an antique shop. Cabinet hardware is a cool way to change the overall look of a kitchen without spending a lot of currency or time. Handles with a vintage touch may also look attractive and out-of–the-box!

Add decorative storage

Install a useful cabinet in less than an hour as a weekend DIY project. Select a cabinet that can be mounted directly on the wall above a bathroom sink. The cabinet can act as a medicine cabinet or even a toiletries holder. 

A mirror cabinet can be a wise choice since it will serve dual purpose wonderfully well. Fit in wicker baskets below the sink where some towels or dirty laundry can be stored out of sight.

Freshen up kitchen tiles

ZERO9 Moderne Küchen

Transform your dull looking kitchen and inject elegance into its mood, just by investing in a brand new colour or pretty ceramic or glass tiles. A new kitchen sink energizes an otherwise boring kitchen too. Remember the colour choice should balance aesthetics with sensibility. Build an exclusive and crucial zone between the cabinet section and countertop by making an attractive kitchen backsplash with wall tiles. And yes, it can simply be done over a weekend! Here's how:

First measure the wall, prepare the workspace and wall, and then prepare and apply the mortar. Lay the tiles, followed by drying and pre-sealing. Clean the grout. And there it is, you now have a stunning and smart kitchen at your disposal. Go for adhesive tiles if you live in a rented apartment. They can be easily removed once you leave your accommodation.

Create a fireplace feature

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A fireplace keeps a home warm, cosy and inspired. So use this weekend DIY project idea, and style the fireplace making it more efficient by giving the existing fireplace a facelift. 

Bring a tired mantelpiece to life with a paint job, framed pictures or new plants. Decorate the fireplace with an era mantel, or if you already have a mantelpiece, give it a fresh coat of paint to liven things up. Other decorations like plants, attractive artefacts or paintings, mirrors, and family photographs can be used to lend aesthetic interest to the space.

Overhaul wooden furniture

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Reuse and recycle old unused wooden furniture and accessories to bring a charming vintage feel to any space. For instance, old wooden doors can be used for various purposes. They can be converted into a rural and rustic garden table. The cabinets can be given a new revamped appearance, just by stripping and staining. A major facelift can also be given to the cabinets by sealing them with polyurethane, which in turn will increase durability. Old wooden chests can be cleaned and polished to be made into coffee tables too.

So now, are you all set to give a fresh lease of life to your residence over the coming weekend? Get out there and start DIY-ing! 

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