10 ways you can make (mostly) all white interiors work

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10 ways you can make (mostly) all white interiors work

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 Küche von Diane Berry Kitchens
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All white interiors tend to make people think of minimalist designs and while it's true that this is a common scheme in pared back homes, it can work in more settings than just that one. In fact, even family homes can make all white work.

The key to embracing a nearly all white interior is to add just enough contrast to both highlight the amount of white and offset it to prevent it from feeling impersonal or cold. Don't worry if you're stuck for ideas as to how to accomplish this though as we have a whole host of them for you!

1. Add some funky touches so it doesn't look boring

White isn't always the most adventurous or exciting colour available but you can make it look space age awesome in your home if you add the right finishing touches. We love this under counter light from Spaceroom Interior Design as it just lifts the theme into the realms of super cool, not super plain.

2. Keep the white but experiment with shapes

If an all white bedroom appeals to you, you can still flex your design muscles by embracing different and interesting shapes rather than colour. We love retro styling with furniture that has round corners as it adds a new dimension of fun.

3. Break the theme up with some wall art

Wall art is a great way to inject a little break from monotony in any room but it works especially well in an all white setting. This is even more true if you use thin, contrasting coloured frames, such as black ones.

4. Warm the space with a little bit of natural wood

When everything else in a room has been kept to the rigid all white colour scheme, there is something fabulously elegant about injecting some warmth in the form of natural wood. We think open-sided bookshelves work best as they allow for the white walls to still show through.

5. Acclimatise your little ones early

 Kinderzimmer von moKee

White moKee Mini Cot


Getting your kids used to an all white interior when they are young will help you to not only keep it clean but also incorporate their personal space into the scheme. A white nursery looks great and is also gender neutral so your baby would be cutting edge from day one!

6. Maximise the view so a white scheme is the background

 Küche von Diane Berry Kitchens
Diane Berry Kitchens


Diane Berry Kitchens

White works wonders to make a room feel large and spacious but if you're worried it will look too sterile, make it come second fiddle to a lovely view. The French doors here really steal the limelight!

7. If you like minimalism really go for it

A Spacious Apartment in Prenzlauer Berg:  Wohnzimmer von lifelife GmbH
lifelife GmbH

A Spacious Apartment in Prenzlauer Berg

lifelife GmbH

White and minimalism go hand-in-hand so if a pared back look appeals to you, really commit to it! Wide open spaces that are free of clutter and extraneous furniture look fantastic and make for a fabulous home that feels enormous!

8. Get the whole family involved

For an all white interior to work everybody in the house needs to commit to it. This includes home workers and little ones so try to steer their furniture choices in the right direction. For children's rooms, funky storage alternatives will definitely make them see the light!

9. Focus on accessories if you want to start small

If you are thinking about bringing an all white interior into being but want to do it gradually, you can make fantastic inroads by starting with your accessories. Small chairs and wall items, such as mirrors, are the perfect choice.

10. Take a look at the exterior of your house

Villa  Freundorf / Österreich:  Häuser von project a01 architects, ZT Gmbh
project a01 architects, ZT Gmbh

Villa Freundorf / Österreich

project a01 architects, ZT Gmbh

If an all white interior has been easy to implement and works for you, you might be tempted to find other ways to add white to your living space. It's a big task but if your home could make it work, we think a coat of white exterior paint will really set the tone, create a great first impression and give a little hint as to what lies within.

For more white interior inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Don’t Be Scared Of White Interiors!

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder)

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