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The vestiges of the Cham Pa period are still quite bold through the relics from the shrine of faith in Dinh Duong Lam (Hoa Phong commune) that only worship the small-scale Linga - Yony idol to the ruins large-scale such as Thanh Loi accumulation, ruins of Cham towers such as Thap Qua Giang, Xuan Duong and Phong Le towers. [14] Until the French opened fire to invade, Da Nang was still only a position, a strategic area for the military and never a place address of an administrative unit. [13] Hoi An in his painting Giao Chi traded the world map of the 17th century, while continuing the war with Trinh lords in the North, Lord Nguyen constantly explored the South, encroaching on the territory of the Cham.

It is not clear whether by accident or by predestination that all three temples are located on prime locations of Danang city, forming a sacred "triangle" in the city. . These festivals are aimed at demonstrating the principle of "when drinking water, remember its source", praying for the peace of the nation, people in the village to be happy and peaceful. Hoi An Ancient Town has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999

Danang IT Park Danang IT Park (DITP) is a centralized information technology park, following the model of Silicon Valley . In 1471, the last capital of Champa in Bau Gia, present-day Binh Dinh, was occupied by the Le dynasty. Beautiful, poetic scenery, temples and caves, trees, bells ringing ... have made Ngu Hanh Son become a fairytale place for visitors to calm down after hard working days

You will feel a little bit of the love of the artisans here when witnessing the process of "transformation" from lifeless stones, through each drill, meticulous chisels to become get a well-thought-out product with a high artistic price. Hoi An Ancient Town [51] According to the December 2000 statistics, Hoi An World Heritage has 1360 relics include 1068 ancient houses, 11 ancient wells, 38 clan churches, 19 pagodas, 43 temples, 23 communal houses, 44 special ancient tombs and 1 bridge. [58] In the old town, Hoi An Nguyen Museum of History and Culture was formerly a temple to worship Buddha Quan Am built by the Vietnamese and the Minh Huong around the 17th century

Heat degrees in ° C Total precipitation in mm Converted to British metric system Da Nang city is located in a typical monsoon tropical climate with high temperature and little fluctuation. To the east and south are sand caves, to the north is fields and to the west is the village. opMart, Intimex, Viettronimex, Nguyen Kim

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