The Impressive Remodeling of a Small House

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The Impressive Remodeling of a Small House

Leigh Leigh
:  Häuser von homify,Modern
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Small spaces don't need to be synonymous with limited opportunities. In fact, they are the ones that offer the greatest challenge, allowing us to find innovative and the best solutions. This project, based in South Korea, is a perfect example. 

The house had some charm and colour, despite the fact that the facade, the aluminium doors and the condition of the home left much to be desired.

After the intervention of the Korean geniuses, Handydesign, however, the property has changed 100%. An old, dark environment has been remodeled to become a bright, functional and very modern house. 

Let's get started and examine the results!


:  Häuser von homify,Modern

If we look at this picture for a moment, perhaps we can be convinced of its appeal with the original, green colouring and the vegetation surrounding the home.

However, we soon discover the aluminum doors and the unsightly washing line. There is an air of neglect around the facade as well.

Everything becomes very symmetrical and boring. 


:  Häuser von homify,Modern

From the exterior, we are even more discouraged. Everything looks old, shabby and nothing works together in harmony. The green stands out but does very little for the facade.

Undoubtedly, change is necessary. Let's see how the home gets transformed!

(If you want some clues as to what a facade should look like, have a look at this home with: A touch of class!)


:  Fenster von homify,Modern

The unattractive aluminum doors have been replaced by beautiful wooden ones that are a lot more pleasant and elegant than cold steel. 

A wooden fence has also been erected, evening the height of the perimetre wall and providing harmony, privacy and security to the home. 

Green was replaced by white, completely changing the notion of space. This tone gives us a sense of cleanliness and sophistication – something that was not previously present. 

The home has been transformed into a modern masterpiece!


:  Wohnzimmer von homify,Modern

A good space is characterised not only by furniture but also for its luxury finishes, as well as combining functionality, simplicity and beauty.

This image is a wonderful example. The living room and dining area is spacious and bright and is also equipped with practical and elegant furniture.

In the background, we can see a translucent wall that covers up the space behind it, offering a degree of privacy.


:  Badezimmer von homify,Modern

The bathroom is located in a small but very bright and functional space. The natural light entering the room and the light colours contribute to this effect.

In the shower area, an oval mirror has been hung up, which gives a special touch to the bathroom

The floor area has been tiled and matches the rest of the bathroom, creating a uniform look that makes the shower seem that much bigger.

Have a look through the homify bathroom products for inspiration for your own bathroom.


:  Schlafzimmer von homify,Modern

When a space is small, it is imperative to take advantage of every corner. 

In this room, we can see that each nook and cranny in the bedroom has been taken advantage of. Do you see the bed? It's completely multi-functional! It features drawers underneath it, which is very useful for storage.

The coating of the walls also adds a nice, decorative touch. It creates a place where you feel at peace and can rest.

This house is now in the perfect condition for a single person or for a young couple. This space has great potential and after remodeling, each room has been completely utilised, don't you think?

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VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),Modern

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