5 amazing small homes for under RM730,000

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片瀬海岸の家, 早田雄次郎建築設計事務所/Yujiro Hayata Architect & Associates 早田雄次郎建築設計事務所/Yujiro Hayata Architect & Associates Ausgefallene Häuser Eisen/Stahl
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Think building your own home is too expensive? Think again. Your dream might be closer than you believe.

Sure, acquiring a plot of land can be expensive, and the building materials themselves can amount to quite a lot. But with a bit of ingenuity and the help of an innovative architect, it is totally possible to create a home for under RM600,000. Here are five incredible examples that show you just how much you can achieve on a budget…

A mustard home – RM607,000

The Mukaiyama Architectural Design Firm has raised the art of building an affordable home to another level. Though the structure itself looks small and simple,  the inner living spaces are a joy to behold.

Situated in the heart of a beautiful forest, this house employs large windows and a second floor balcony to make the most of the stunning scenery. Two huge sets of French doors open up the open plan living room, allowing the inhabitants to enjoy the same sense of release indoors as they would if they were walking among the trees outside.

A quirky fish-eye abode – RM683,000

This shipping container-esque home was built at a remarkably low cost, considering the architectural know-how employed and the stunning interior design within. The black corrugated walls lend the home a modern industrial vibe, and the protruding feature window prevents the structure from looking too boxy.

A private balcony adds extra space to the rear side of the home, allowing the residents to take in the glorious mountainside views. Inside, the home is a medley of minimalist rustic style – just take a look here for the whole tour!

Tiny and traditional – RM569,000

Incongruous yet inviting, this simple steel abode is a perfect first-time home. Packed full of character and with a unique blend of modern and vintage design, the simple house is full of surprises. 

Though it doesn't look much bigger than the average garden shed, there's actually enough space within for a small family to comfortably live in harmony. Large windows invite the light in, and the back garden is a neat and tidy place to while away long summer evenings.

Rustic and modern – RM721,000

Who could fail to be blown away by the stunning wooden balcony at the rear of this house? French doors dominate the ground floor and first storey, allowing light to flood the space and the family within to easily access the fresh air and stunning views that surround them. 

This amazing home was also designed with the idea of keeping waste to a minimum. Space-saving, low cost AND environmentally conscious? We love it.

Plain white and pure – RM607,200

コンパクトで可愛いショートケーキハウス, M設計工房 M設計工房 Skandinavische Häuser Weiß

A simple design that takes minimalism to its logical conclusion. This Scandinavian style house plays with levels and light to create an entirely new genre of home interior design. 

It may be narrow, but the home is divided into a labyrinth of open plan and contained rooms, lofted areas and colour-demarcated zones to make it feel as spacious as possible. For just over RM607,000, we'd call this a bargain!

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