Small Terraces Transform like MAGIC!

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A terrace is a treasure to cherish, although they are not always well used. Often the lack of space and time end up turning these spaces into a storage place where things that are not used accumulate over time. It's really a shame to see a terrace go to waste when it can be remodeled in a way where the outdoors can be enjoyed more comfortably.  

This before and after tour demonstrates a few examples of terraces that initially scared us, but after a thorough renovation have become the star of the house instead. We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your terrace through this ideabook. Let's see how these terraces have been magically transformed shall we? 

Before: a lonely space

Before this terrace was remodeled, it was a lonely space which was underused with no furniture and just a few plants to bring life to a desert. A large part of this terrace was actually just empty, making it feel abandoned and unwelcoming. Next, let's see how Bervic Interiorismo, interior designers and decorators based in Spain have converted this forlorn space into a lively terrace. 

After: a lively terrace

After the remodeling, the terrace is a lively space with a covered pergola shading it and bamboo blinds providing privacy as well. Wooden boards make the flooring stand out, while the edges of the terrace are adorned by plants and flowers.The terrace has become a pleasant, more natural space where one can sit and have a coffee or lay back and enjoy the outdoors comfortably. 

Ugly duckling to prince charming

Denkmalgeschützte historische Bäckerei "altes Nigglhaus" Bj. 1564 in Fischbachau, betterhouse betterhouse

Previously, the building had partially collapsed, and was surrounded by an area of land without any maintenance. After the renovation, a marriage guided by romanticism decided to convert the ugly duckling into a charming cottage. The facade and outdoor area was reformed and is now a spacious terrace with a long wooden table and benches inviting family and friends to enjoy the beautiful outdoor space. 

Before: an overgrown mess

Before the renovation, the house and the terrace seemed neglected and abandoned with overgrown wild vegetation surrounding it and blocking the amazing views. Given its time, nature would have invaded this outdoor space eventually. Although the structure looks old, it can still be used. Let's see what it has become. 

After: a dream space

You have to see it to believe it! The result is this modern house with fabulous views. Thanks to the removal of shrubs and part of the structure of the house, we now have an expansive view of the lake and surrounding mountains.The arbor was replaced by a modern house, which appears glazed, as if time and space have stopped.

Before: a wild space

Before, the land surrounding the property was a wild space overgrown with bushes. The house looked out of date and closed up with no outdoor space to enjoy the beautiful nature in the surrounding environment. Let's see what happened with this house and outdoor space after the renovation. 

After: a zen terrace

As you can see, the house was completely renovated and the outdoor space has also been magically transformed. Most of the wild vegetation have been removed, and we're now left with just a few trees here and there. This gives the terrace a wide open space feel where one can be free from direct contact with nature, yet enjoy the views and the bird songs from afar. 

Before: an abandoned log cabin

Before the renovation, it was an abandoned log cabin. Although you can still see how it could be charming, the damage is more than obvious. The wood has lost its color over time and and the window frame looks like ancient history. Once again, due to neglect, the underbrush has taken over the environment and all the charm of an attractive wooden cottage has been lost in oblivion. Thankfully someone came to the rescue…

After: a treasure to cherish

What a transformation! The wooden structure was treated and now the facade has a new face, renewed in dark brown. Now, the house has a proper country cottage style brick porch with tables and chairs welcoming guests to enjoy the outdoor space comfortably. 

We hope you've found some inspiration for your terrace through this tour. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at 7 wardrobes with stunning looks to blow your mind

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