10 stylish sleeping platforms for small spaces

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10 stylish sleeping platforms for small spaces

April Kennedy April Kennedy
Skandinavische Wohnzimmer von The Room Studio Skandinavisch
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Sleeping platforms are a wonderful choice for those with a one-room apartment or small home. That vertical lift creates a psychological boundary around the sleeping area and beautifully delineates the bedroom space from the rest of the home. Elevating the sleeping area also tend to keep the bed clean and free from the normal dust and dirt that inevitably accumulates at times in any home.

But sleeping platforms aren't just for those short of space. They add a lofty elegance and sense of ease to any home. There is something just a little bit luxe about extending the bed-frame to include a whole other floor level in the home. Ready to move things to the next level? Come with us to check out 10 brilliant sleeping platforms…

1. Cool Nordic simplicity

von homify Skandinavisch

This cool little Nordic platform bed is one of our favourites. It has lots of great storage, looks like a fairly simple DIY project and is utterly serene. It's definitely one for those who love a minimalist interior.

2. Decadent Asian-style platform

Moderne Schlafzimmer von homify Modern

As promised, bedroom platforms can be luxurious too. This Asian-style bedroom has a great woven mat on the platform floor and looks like the perfect place for lounging about and enjoying a spot of weekend relaxation…

3. An exotic bedroom haven

This Middle Eastern-themed bedroom feels like something out of One Thousand and One Nights. The two levels of the platform have lovely star motives along the border and the effect is completed by some decadent drapes.

4. The perfect corner solution

A sleeping platform could be paired with a simple mattress and butted right up against a corner wall without losing the visual balance in the room. This is a good option for those with a one-room apartment. You might even incorporate some storage shelves like this!

6. Simple and utterly separate

Moderne Schlafzimmer von homify Modern

It can be tricky to separate a sleeping space without blocking natural light. This great little platform bed by interior designers and decorators Baomida has a lovely, Scandinavian-style glass wall on one side. It also has some pretty good storage as well.

7. A decadent wooden sleeping platform with a bath

The height created by the sleeping platform doesn't necessarily need to be used for storage. The rise in this utterly sophisticated bedroom platform has been used to create a bathtub! It's just about the most luxurious sleeping platform we've seen!

8. Japanese-style bedroom

Sleeping platforms have been popular with Japanese-style homes for a long time. They are often made from natural wood and the design is often perfectly suited to a minimalist interior. Pair it with a futon mattress for authenticity!

9. A bohemian bedroom

Strictly speaking, this multi-layered platform is a living area. But the design could just as easily be adapted to create a sleeping platform. A sleeping platform is somewhat unconventional these days, so consider embracing the look with bohemian style furnishings like this.

10. A suspended sleeping platform

Minimalistische Schlafzimmer von homify Minimalistisch

Sleeping platforms don't even need to be attached to the floor. They can be suspended from the ceiling like this. Note the super strong support rails on the ceiling. This is obviously no simple DIY project.

Nothing quite makes your sleeping space feel serene like a Zen interior, so for more inspiration, check out 9 simple ways to make your home more Zen.

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