9 seriously stylish pendant lights

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9 seriously stylish pendant lights

Honor Kennedy Honor Kennedy
A Spacious Apartment in Prenzlauer Berg:  Wohnzimmer von lifelife GmbH,
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Lighting can truly make or break a living space. If your lighting is too bright, the wrong shade, or placed in an undesirable location you will inadvertently create a tense or unwelcoming ambience. Bad lighting influences your home's overall aesthetic, with dreadful illumination contributing to an uninviting atmosphere within your domestic spaces. On the flip side, the correct lighting can magnify a positive mood, creating a pleasant, restful and sociable space. 

But how do you know what light is the right light? Essentially it all depends on the space in question. There are always different styles of lighting suited to different areas of your abode, and it will generally come down to what your desired ambience might be. There is however one light that offers a multipurpose and versatile option. Today on homify we are looking at the pendant light, a brilliantly useful fitting that, when hung from above, can offer a delicate and elegant glow, while illuminating your interior with sophistication. 

For more information, take a look at our 9 seriously stylish pendant light examples below, and guarantee your dwelling is pleasantly lit and comfortably lustrous.

1. Contrast creator

A Spacious Apartment in Prenzlauer Berg:  Wohnzimmer von lifelife GmbH,
lifelife GmbH

A Spacious Apartment in Prenzlauer Berg

lifelife GmbH

The first pendant light we are looking at is a truly gorgeous and contrast creating feature for this dining room. Dramatic and bold against the all-white colour scheme, this is an unforgettable and alluring use of pendant lighting. 

2. DIY-chic

Hängelampe aus Treibholzstück:  Wohnzimmer von Meister Lampe,
Meister Lampe

Hängelampe aus Treibholzstück

Meister Lampe

Fancy yourself a little weekend DIY? These beautiful lights could be created in your own home with repurposed bottles, a branch, and some thin natural rope. 

3. More is more!

Why have one pendant when you can have countless pendants? This chandelier-esque light fitting is beautifully central to this living room, and imparts a feeling of opulence and refinement. 

4. Industrial sophistication

:  Küche von homify,

For a room that is a little more edgy, why not opt for an industrial aesthetic? Here we see large pendant lights that sit over the kitchen island, providing ample illumination as well as a touch of on-trend design nous. 

5. Elegant Edison bulbs

Nothing says vintage glamour quite like an Edison bulb, and today these versatile pendant lights are available in a range of colours, style and elements to suit any interior ambience or aesthetic. 

6. Patterns and motifs

Hängeleuchte Coral Natur, David Trubridge:  Wohnzimmer von ANCHOVI,

Hängeleuchte Coral Natur, David Trubridge


Create mood with a light fitting that shines a motif on your surrounding walls. This example is a wonderful demonstration, which adds character and personality within its space. 

If you need help choosing light fittings for your home, chat to a professional to get some timely advice, and create the room of your dreams. 

7. Modern magic

LAMPENRAHMEN:  Wohnzimmer von Herr Mandel,
Herr Mandel


Herr Mandel

These days there are countless pendant light fittings that exude modernity and sophistication. We adore these geometric timber pieces that would look brilliant on their own, or in a group. 

8. Luxe metallics

Ambientefoto Industrieleuchte:  Wohnzimmer von DEPARSO,

Ambientefoto Industrieleuchte


Metallic toned light fittings are definitely one of the most stylish ways to illuminate your home. Look for rose gold, copper and silver pieces that exude opulence, while also adding a striking industrial edge within your space. 

9. Thinking outside the 'box'

 Wohnzimmer von Crea-re Studio,
Crea-re Studio

Clips pendant lamp II

Crea-re Studio

If you like the above design, but are looking for something a little different, something attention-grabbing, and something with endless character, check out this pendant that is made from timber pegs. Stylish and individual, this is definitely going to act as an eye-catching statement in any room of your home. 

Did this Ideabook provide a few fabulous tips and inspiration? If you need a little more, check out: Have a beautiful home using indirect lighting!

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),

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