13 terrer ways to add haute tropical decor to your home

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13 terrer ways to add haute tropical decor to your home

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Tropische Wohnzimmer von BR ARQUITECTOS Tropisch
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Tropical design boasts a very unique flavour of its own. It thrives in the warmth of expression, bold colours, rustic décor and environmentally friendly elements of design. You’ll see a profusion of handcrafted products in many tropical abodes. Large windows bring in cool gushes of moist air. You can also enjoy the panoramic views of the outside. You will often find tropical dwellings decorated with locally grown trees and herbs. 

Malaysia is tantalisingly close to the Equator. It is home to many plant species commonly found in the tropics. High humidity and the greenery of the countryside are also something that bears a close resemblance with the tropics. There is no doubt that Malaysian homes would absolutely adore the tropical style. Sit back and relax as we clue you into the necessary inspirations for a tropically infused home.

Colours of the tropics

Without such bursts of lively colours, this living room would have been insipid and uninspiring. Its concrete interior and grey tone would have given it a depressing appearance. But colourful illustrations, small tables and fashionable lighting have now given it a most charming look.

Modernism shakes hands with tradition

Tropical design took a firm step forward in the presence of Oscar Niemeyer, Lina Bo Bardi, Lúcio Costa and Clorindo Testa. The effects of the fusion between past influences of design and modernism can be experienced in the interiors of the contemporary tropical homes

See how the two design influences merge in this vast, stylishly decorated living room. While a seamless connection with the surrounding nature makes it look so inviting, modern pieces of furniture ensure pleasure and comfort for the guests.

Conviviality and style

What is the recipe of decorating an elegant living room filled with warmth? A subtle but warm colour scheme, cosy sofa decked out with simple cushions, a couple of transparent coffee tables and beautiful modern pendant lighting. Sounds simple… doesn’t it? Moreover, it can be replicated everywhere – in the heart of the tropics or far away from it.

Cooking – rustic style

Rustikale Küchen von Beth Nejm Rustikal

Wood and similar organic materials are important for the tropical homes. See how effortlessly chic this kitchen looks with its glamorous wood-clad interior. Gabled roofing and exposed beams only increase its charm. With a kitchen like this, cooking up a delicious storm would be a breeze

Dining country style

A spacious dining room with a massive country style table, matching upholstered chairs and trendy lighting fixtures make this space so delectable. And lets not forget the coconut palms lined up just outside the window – perhaps the best adornment that this room could have.

Intricately carved candle sticks add a nostalgic touch. Don’t you think that digging into a plateful of tasty stuffed crab and crunchy shrimp fritters with rice would be a hearty experience in a space like this?

Tropical living in a contemporary fashion

Casa Bosque da Ribeira Moderne Wohnzimmer von Lanza Arquitetos Modern
Lanza Arquitetos

Casa Bosque da Ribeira

Lanza Arquitetos

An expansive open plan living and dining room is always going to be enticing, but Lanza Arquitetos added a whole new dimension to this space. It is decorated with trendy white couches, a shiny coffee table and lightweight chairs – so much sheen! 

The other corner, dedicated to the dining room, boasts a large table with a glossy top, and modish dining chairs are placed around it. The centre of the room is reserved for one of the most iconic pieces of modern furniture – the La Donna chair, a Gaetano Pesce creation.

Resting on a tropical sundeck

Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von Beth Nejm Modern

Tired of staying indoors so much? Why not come out on the terrace and take a break? Styled with wooden decking, a couple of reclining chairs, colourful ottomans, tropical blossoms and greenery, this urban patio is an earthy yet slightly surreal place to be.

Urban apartment with an industrial edge

If so far you have thought that tropical design is only possible in more expansive areas, then this trend-setting one room apartment with an industrial edge will set you right. A combination of drywall and exposed concrete decorates the walls and ceiling, while laminated flooring offsets some of its extra edge.

Glass windows and modern lighting help to keep the interior cheerful throughout the day. A small but stylish sofa bed, chairs and bar stools give it a pleasant makeover.

Rustic and relaxing

The comfy interior of this all white bedroom is accented with rustic furniture. The unusual cot with cosy bed furnishings looks elegant, but a couple of benches placed at the foot of the bed increases the beauty of the room. An otherwise understated décor brings the focus firmly back on these two elements of a very relaxing tropical bedroom.

Glamorous bathroom

Casa Bosque da Ribeira Moderne Wohnzimmer von Lanza Arquitetos Modern
Lanza Arquitetos

Casa Bosque da Ribeira

Lanza Arquitetos

Extensive use of polished stone, wood flooring, large mirror and wide glass windows with fantastic views of the outside help to create a bathroom that is at once glamorous and refreshing. No extra sheen is added to break the peaceful nature of the ambience. Even the lighting fixtures have been kept minimal and in tune with every other decorative element.

Small terrace steeped in bright colours

Have you been planning to refurbish your small terrace for some time? Consider borrowing an idea or two from the tiny terrace of this Brazilian city home. It has everything you need – a place to sit down and chat for hours, as well as a place to cook and savour hearty dinners with friends. 

Interior with a rosy tint

Not often would you see the use of pink or rosy hues so prominently in a living room. Arina Araujo Arquitetura e Interiores not only decorated this living room with such a shade, but also done so with unusual grace. It had been skilfully balanced with white, grey and wood texture. The design of the feature wall also enhances its charm.

Welcoming hallway

Having a stylishly decorated hallway is very important for every home. Hallways in the tropical dwellings are generally stylised with rustic benches or chairs, lanterns and plants. You can follow the same design ideal in your home too. By borrowing ideas from these tropical abodes and tactfully integrating them in your home, you can easily create an impactful interior to be really proud of.

If you are thinking of giving your hallway a facelift, then you can borrow ideas from these amazing entrance ways we have in store for you. And don't forget to take a peep inside and see the mesmerising décor of this tropical apartment!

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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