10 imaginative and inspiring homes from around the world!

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10 imaginative and inspiring homes from around the world!

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Casa Herrero | 08023 architects Moderne Pools von Simon Garcia | arqfoto Modern
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We always strive to receive every guest with a smiling face. Isn’t it only natural that you would like to live in a home that has a cheerful façade as well? Famous architects like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier were very particular about the way they wanted their buildings to be, and there is a good reason behind it. Nobody likes to enter a house with a frowning face. 

When planning a new home, it's important to take as much interest in planning the exterior of a house as its interior. Today, we plan to show you ten façades from around the world that would show you how far architecture has evolved in the quest of that exclusive design. By using them as your inspiration, you too can build a home with an innovative façade …

Graceful design with wooden accents

Courtesy of the highly imaginative wooden accents, the façade of the Silver Wood House looks so elegant. The assortment of slim timber bands is also something to take note of. The rest of the exterior walls are painted a spotless white. The net result is very chic yet still welcoming and homey.

Curves are back in fashion

DUPLI CASA - Villa near Ludwigsburg, Germany Häuser von J.MAYER.H

DUPLI CASA – Villa near Ludwigsburg, Germany


Since the days of art nouveau curves have been all but forgotten. They have even been derided for their looks. But modern designers seem to have found their interest in curves again. See how they have introduced a curvaceous appeal in the design of this house, located near Stuttgart. The spectacular white façade has been given a pitch dark outline to emphasise the quirky lines.

Shimmering metal façade

A shimmering metallic façade is not something we get to see often, so this one turns out to be a welcome surprise. Helwig House and Spatial Planning GmbH designed the façade of Reflective Cube home using bare aluminium mesh. From the early hours of the morning, it sizzles under the glowing sun. As dusk sets this house shows a calmer but equally appealing face.

Beauty in simplicity

Casa Herrero | 08023 architects Moderne Pools von Simon Garcia | arqfoto Modern
Simon Garcia | arqfoto

Casa Herrero | 08023 architects

Simon Garcia | arqfoto

Simplicity is the key to beautiful design. This façade looks so eye-catching because it is designed with a simple and unfussy scheme. Its shape is in line with contemporary architecture and the pearly white exterior gives it a classy look.

A bold accent

LUXHAUS Musterhaus Nürnberg Moderne Häuser von Lopez-Fotodesign Modern

LUXHAUS Musterhaus Nürnberg


If you are planning to use bold accents on the exterior of your house, you can borrow a tip or two from this home. It is designed with luscious red accents, which are balanced by the crisp white tones of the rest of the structure. Differentiation of the blocks, a contemporary design trend, makes it look special too.

Not exactly a mirage

Mirrors Moderne Gastronomie von bandesign Modern



This small cottage from Japan received a stunning makeover from the architects at Bandesign. Its façade has been designed with reflected glass surfaces that create a visual illusion of a sort. You can see a reflection of the delicate cherry trees in full blossom. The small garden with a lonely tree feels like a blooming flower on a broad canvas.

Glowing white

It is minimalist and it is fantastic. This shimmering white façade makes this house look like a glowing structure under the night sky. Large glass doors framed in black give it a definitive character. Contemporary design dictates the use of clean lines and the designers were more than happy to comply. 

Modern pencil home

Standard House Häuser von KWK Promes
KWK Promes

Standard House

KWK Promes

The wood texture of the façade and its unusual pencil shape gives this house a unique appearance. Its pastoral setting only increases its beauty. Wouldn’t you like to own a holiday retreat like this in a quaint corner of the country?

Geometric maze

Moderne Häuser von homify Modern

Casa Oasis is designed with conjoined blocks of varying size and shapes. This in itself makes the façade looks rather intriguing. Elongated windows and a lustrous white exterior with LED lighting and minor stone accents only enhance its attractiveness.

In the woods

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods” and the owners of this Mexican villa seems to have found it. Vieyra Arquitectos embraced the beauty of its surroundings wholeheartedly. The result is this stunning copper façade, which merges effortlessly with the charming landscape.

You can see how small changes here and there can give the façade of your home a most appealing look. With a little bit of effort, you too can easily build a home that boasts an exquisite façade like the ones we have shown today. 

Ready to give your home a facelift? Don’t miss these simple steps to design a two storey house!

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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