Architecture: 8 Stunning Facades That Are Sure To Impress You

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First impressions always last long, whether you are meeting someone or approaching a house. And when it is about a home, the facade is naturally the first thing a visitor chances upon before they enter the abode. Innovative and creative architects always try to ensure that the facade is truly beautiful. Their choice of material for a façade may range from concrete to wood, stone, brick, glass or even metal.

As far as designs are concerned, the sky is the limit if the architect plans to make a fashion statement with his façade. To derive inspiration, take a look at the 8 spectacular facade designs we have collated here, which will definitely take your breath away.

Mix and Match Materials

The beauty of this well-planned facade has been elevated by the well-planned garden surrounding it. The use of wood for the lofty entrance and stone for the projecting column looming in the back, offer a wonderful contrast with the white walls. 

The stunning glazing next to the entrance allows natural light into the house, and exudes glamour. The surrounding greenery creates a natural oasis in the heart of the city.

Geometry and Marble

Using marble for a facade adds an unmistakable air of elegance to any home. The design shown above is neat and features straight lines for a chic and contemporary look. 

The geometric shapes, layers and angles in the exterior design complement the use of opulent marble nicely. Strategically placed spotlights and a smattering of wooden accents ensure that the design does not become monotonous.

Wooden Extravaganza

homify Moderne Häuser

This uniquely designed facade focuses on the continuous design enclosing the roof and the exterior walls. The enclosure features random windows and skylights which brighten up the actual facade of the house magically during the day. 

The parallel, vertical wooden planks used throughout the design serve to highlight the hugeness of the structure. The white hue enhances this effect further.

Modern Lines and Sober Hues

Modern design takes a whole new turn with this state-of-the-art facade. The architect made perfect use of concrete, wood, and slate, making sure that all elements receive equal importance. 

The richness of wood pairs efficiently with the purity of white, while the austere stylishness of the slate cladding takes the residence to a whole new level.

Futuristic and Unique

homify Minimalistische Häuser

Very few architects can pull off using mirrors for the facade. But this building takes the cake. The mirrors line the entire facade with grace, and reflect the truly breathtaking views of the surrounding area. 

The clean and simple geometrical shape of the abode ensures that the mirror’s exclusivity stands out. The ground lighting lends a futuristic appeal, besides making the exploration of the lawns safe at night.

Location and Structure

The location and overall structure of a home are also quite important when designing the facade. Nestled in the mountains, this lavish mansion seems to be touching the heavens. The facade is a combination of sheer glass, quirky pointed roofs, shimmering water features and the cold beauty of stones. 

The outdoor seating arrangement, the softly glowing exterior lights, the enticing infinity pool and the charming outdoor fireplace are touches which promise unadulterated pleasure. This marvel of a house was rendered by McClean Designarchitects from the USA.

Stone and Brick Castle

If you ever wanted to live in a stone castle in the city, this might be the perfect design for you. The cold elegance of roughly hewn stones and the rustically charming bricks have allowed the architect to create a combination of mind-blowing shapes. 

The home embodies strength and safety, with modern and quirky twists, turns and curves. Giant frame-like metal designs add another dose of uniqueness along with intelligent lighting.

Straight From the Future

Take a step back from the ordinary and take a good look at this facade. The white arch in the front and the black walls are a genius combination. The half arch on the right hand side wall of the facade draws a viewer’s attention towards the long glass window which lets sunlight flood the interiors during the day. This beautiful house is a futuristic dream.

Do you feel dazed by the amazing facades you just saw? If you are building a new home, consult with your architect and engineer to incorporate the facade of your choice from this list. Here is another article to offer you more inspiration of a different kind - 6 great ideas for small patios

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