12 incredibly chic ways to use bamboo in your home!

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12 incredibly chic ways to use bamboo in your home!

Kayla Gulec Kayla Gulec
Mountain House Rustikale Häuser von David Guerra Arquitetura e Interiores Rustikal
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Bamboo is an incredibly versatile material. It's hardy, flexible, cheap, and it's very easy to grow. Given this, it's no surprise why bamboo is a favoured material in interior design

These days, bamboo can be formed into just about anything, from furniture to wall dividers, as accent pieces and as practical shaders. Because of its ever-growing popularity as a home design element, we have put together this list of different ways to use bamboo. Let's dive in!

As a wall

House in the Landscape Moderne Badezimmer von Kropka Studio Modern
Kropka Studio

House in the Landscape

Kropka Studio

Bamboo is a great material for the bathroom because of its capacity to resist water and moisture. We think this bamboo wall looks fantastic and gives this bathroom a tropical flair, and the differentiating shades of colour in the stalks breaks the monotony of the white interior.

Outdoor shading

Because bamboo is so sturdy and is able to withstand the elements, it's a great choice for outdoors. Fashion it above your terrace for some shade during the hot summer months. 


Deckenleuchte Tulamben: modern  von Guru-Shop,Modern

Deckenleuchte Tulamben


Bamboo's uses go past practicality and into pure aesthetic function. This design breaks the traditional and boring styles of lampshades and speaks of ingenuity. It also looks perfect in any Asian style interior and would even look great as part of a rustic design.

Intricate staircase

This staircase could very well be the most stunning part of this home. It's certainly an award-winning masterpiece in our eyes! This factory-made and processed bamboo is flexible to form, but sturdy enough to support the weight of a human body and then some. 

Simple bookshelf

: modern  von homify,Modern Bambus Grün

Rethink your idea of shelf space with this innovative bamboo shelving unit. This bookshelf exudes simple sophistication and sleek design. 

Integrate bamboo into the façade

Bamboo is the perfect environmentally friendly choice when it comes to façade material. These architects used processed bamboo as cladding, and we can see this from the trimmed and shaped look of it. Raw bamboo is more circular and appears more rough and ready, like you would find in nature. This mix and match of different colours is also a magnificent design option.

A simple wall divider

bambusstäbe als raumbegrenzer Ausgefallener Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus von allmermacke Ausgefallen Bambus Grün

bambusstäbe als raumbegrenzer


Here is a perfect example of the raw, natural style of bamboo. This bunch of bamboo has been spread out and used as a simple wall divider. With breaks in the wall, it gives off a more Zen vibe, attributes an organic aesthetic to the space, and puts emphasis on clean lines. Too many bamboo poles in this area would hinder this effect.


Moderne Küchen von homify Modern Bambus Grün

Radiating with elegance and panache, these bamboo cupboards are the perfect addition to any kitchen, regardless of interior design scheme. Glossy, light, and linear, they add a completely natural feel to the space.

For the balcony

Bamboo looks great as a wall divider, but dare we say it looks even better as simply a stylistic element on the balcony? This style complements these modern furnishings and adds a natural decorative accent while still seeming simple and minimalist. What could be better than relaxing next to this decorative bamboo wall after a long day of work?

On the ceiling

Bamboo can be fashioned like any other type of wood, meaning it can come in a multitude of different tones. Take this darkly stained bamboo ceiling as the perfect example. Just look at how these dark tones complement this minimalist interior!


Processed bamboo can take on many forms. Here, we have a simple chair, and as we can see, not a single nail or screw was used to create this design. 

Make a bar

Now here we can really see the tropical influence that bamboo has on the interior! Feels like paradise, no? This bamboo bar keeps your drinks cool and your mood light, making it the perfect addition to any kitchen or outdoor entertainment area.

Do you want to see more of this stunning bamboo structure? Then you have to look at this beautiful bamboo hostel in the jungle!

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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