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A Spacious Apartment in Prenzlauer Berg

This project started with a scouting of several apartments for our client. After shortlisting and visiting five buildings we agreed this 119m² apartment was perfect for the client’s needs. As the client was living abroad we handled everything to the point of handing over the keys of the finished beauty.

The work included the actual purchase process, budgeting, design, hiring the renovation company, supervision, quality control and finding the right furniture and paintings from renowned painters Eemil Karila and Janne Räisänen.

The floor plan was changed significantly. The former toilet-kitchen area was converted into a luxury spa-like bathroom with a Finnish sauna. Two smaller rooms were combined to create an open kitchen. The kitchen was connected to the first living room by opening the bearing wall with a massive steel beam construction.

The apartment was designed by Martti Mela with the interior and product designer Tuula Vitie.

All photos by Elena Panouli.