Sunwing Industries Ltd

Interior Artificial Green Walls fro Residentail & Commercial

We are artificial plants factory, supplier and exporter. If you are interior designer, architecturer or decorator, welcome to apply our artificial green wall plants for your interior decoration and wall covering. Offices, shopping malls and store interiors, we are here to offer plants solutions.

  • Shapping mall interior Sunwing Industries Ltd Tropische Ladenflächen Plastik Grün

    Shapping mall interior

    Made for over 5 years interior using life span, our artificial green wall plants can keep green from all seasons and green your interior in minutes. If you are searching for cost effective and easy-maintaining artificial green walls and vertical garden. SUNWING artificial green walls are the product of choice.

  • Interior Green Wall Backdrop Sunwing Industries Ltd Geschäftsräume & Stores Plastik Grün

    Interior Green Wall Backdrop

    Wanna make your commercial property a indoor jungle? Why not try our artificial wall plants jungle? They are nearly zero maintenance at all. As SGS certified artificial plants supplier, we offer artificial hedges, vertical gardens, topiaries and trees in great UV performance, Fire-retardant to offer an none-heavy metal enviuronment.