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Moroccan Bazaar
Moroccan Bazaar
Moroccan Bazaar
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  • Calligraphy Table Lamp in Silver von Moroccan Bazaar Mediterran

    Calligraphy Table Lamp in Silver

    Inspired by Moroccan culture and tradition, this Calligraphy table lamp will add a distinctive flavor to any room, enhancing its warmth and tranquil atmosphere.Its ornate patterns are hand painted on to give any room an exotic charm that will capture the imagination and catch the attention. Its intricate, spell-binding patterns when reflected onto your walls will add to the relaxing atmosphere of any room giving it a dose of Moroccan spice.

  • Antique Brass Table Lamp von Moroccan Bazaar Mediterran

    Antique Brass Table Lamp

    Antique Brass Table Lamp

  • Moroccan Table Lamp von Moroccan Bazaar Mediterran

    Moroccan Table Lamp

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    Set the tone for a relaxing night in with this strikingly designed table lamp. Bring a warm and inviting glow into your home with this strikingly designed Large Table Lamp. Made from pierced antique brass, each of the patterns is intricately cut out by hand to give it a sophisticated look. When lit it will project an array of captivating patterns on to your walls. This lamp will add to the ambiance of any living area giving any room or office a warm and tranquil feel. Add a unique Moroccan verve to your home. High in quality and distinctive in style this is a terrific conversation piece.

  • Silver Moroccan Flame Table Lamp von Moroccan Bazaar Mediterran

    Silver Moroccan Flame Table Lamp

    From the FENAN collection, this exceptional ‘Flame’ table lamp is finely pierced from solid brass with a light patina silver finish. It takes up to four weeks to produce. Each floral cut out section is meticulous hand chiseled using the smallest of Jewelers saws. Only the best Maalam (Master Craftsmen) work on this fine lighting collection. This outstanding table lamp will project the most captivating patterns across the walls.